Present With Us!

Please join us in presenting a session along the following strands:

INquiry Sessions: Focus on shifting instruction to a student-centered model that is authentic, relevant, and personally meaningful for all.

INtech Sessions: FIMG_0537ocus on technology as a powerful instructional tool when integrated into a balanced classroom environment.

INsteam Sessions: Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, in a project-based, innovative, possibly interdisciplinary environment.



Please join us in presenting a session of the following style:

Make & Take (1 hour) – participants leave with something created during session

Interactive Classroom Simulation (1 hour) – participants take on the role of students

Round Table (1 hour) – discussion around a topic or series of related topics

Interactive Workshop (2 hours)  – longer session, about 1/2 lecture + 1/2 non-lecture based

Ignite/Playground (1 hour) – usually led by a team of teachers, quick 2 minute introductions to topics, followed by breakouts by topic for deeper discussion


Presenters and Speakers will be paid for 1 hour of preparation time + time of presentation.

Link for Session Proposals Coming HERE Soon!