Meet Jed Dearybury

Teacher, professional development leader, and champion student-centered learning

Jed Dearybury is an award winning early childhood/elementary teacher from Spartanburg, SC. Over the last 15 years, while teaching grades 1-3, Dearybury has been named County Reading Teacher of the Year, Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Award Winner, allowing him the privilege of being recognized by President Obama at the White House, School level Teacher of the Year twice, District Teacher of the Year, Top 5 finalist for SC Teacher of the Year, Donors Choose Innovator, and GQ Male Leader of the Year for 2013.

Jed is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences, where he models best practices with technology, music, drama, visual, and performing arts for the regular classroom educator. Need supplies for your classroom? Jed is a guru. He has had over 100 projects funded for his students, totaling over $25,000 in materials! Need a jingle or educational song? Jed is your composer. He has written numerous parodies and original songs to help teach content to his students. He also serves on the education council for the Lily, Sarah, Grace Fund. LSG is a nonprofit organization that helps fund the arts in underfunded public schools across the nation and provides inquiry based learning professional development to educators seeking to break out of the traditional education box.

Currently, Jed serves as the Director of Professional Development & Communications for the Palmetto State Teachers Association. He works with schools and teachers across SC to help their classrooms be innovative hubs for student learning. When he isn’t teaching, he is running. 7 full marathons, 10 half marathons, countless 10ks and 5ks… and counting!

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