Special Events

BASE (Balloon Assisted Stratospheric Experiments) Mission – Wednesday, June 7th


We’ll be joined by the DePauw University BASE research project, led by Dr. Howard Brooks. Dr. Brooks and his student team will assist us in designing a high-altitude experiment and sending it to the stratosphere! We’ll make mission predictions, then track our balloon, retrieve it, analyze the data and draw conclusions. It’s a friendly competition and prizes await! Conference attendees will make mission predictions on flight altitude, flight time, and landing location. Grand prize is a balloon launch for your classroom during the coming school year, led by Dr. Brooks and his DePauw student team.

Fail Fest: Education Edition – Thursday, June 8th

FailFestThe Launch Fishers Fail Fest stage reflects the smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial city of Fishers where innovators and creators know failure is essential to success.  Launching INquiry 2017 is proud to debut Fail Fest: Education Edition. Hear educators candidly share their moments of failure in the classroom and the innovation and growth it spawned.

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