Fail Fest: Education Edition

FailFestFail Fest originated right here in Fishers, Indiana. Created by Launch Fishers founder, John Wechsler, Fail Fest is a day-long festival that celebrates the roles of risk-taking and failure in innovation. The inaugural Fail Fest gatherings have featured presenters from a wide range of business, industry and service fields.

Failure has a big role to play in education as well, but we don’t often speak of it. Unique pressures face teachers and administrators alike – often leading to the conclusion that innovation and change are just too risky in our sphere. Yet failure is important to growth. If we do not allow ourselves to risk – and to inevitably fail at times – what are we teaching our students?

Fail Fest: Education Edition will debut at Launching INquiry 2017 on Thursday, June 8th. Fail Fest will be kicked off during the Keynote event, and continue throughout the day as educators share brutally honest stories of their failures and the positive results that followed – for themselves, their colleagues, and, most of all, their students.

To participate in Fail Fest: Education Edition sessions, simply register for Launching INquiry and select as many Fail Fest breakout sessions as you’d like when you build your conference schedule.

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“Anyone who has ever tried anything meaningful knows that setbacks are a part of the game. We are aiming to change the failure culture in the area by talking about the role of failure in moving careers, companies and communities forward.”
-Launch Fishers Founder, John Wechsler